The Wireless Suitcase

Can the wireless suitcase be the next big thing?

This week’s find in future technology is the wireless suitcase; currently a prototype designed by Spanish designer Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez.

The wireless suitcase, also known as the ‘Hop suitcase‘ has been designed to follow its owner by enabling a connection between the suitcase and smartphone device. Using Bluetooth signals to calculate where you are, there are built-in receivers which transmit signals to the owner’s phone in order to track and follow you around.

Although it’s great to think we might never have to pull or drag a suitcase around with us again, there are still a lot of concerns regarding the functionality of this product. For example, how will it adapt to a busy and crowded place? Can it go up and down the stairs? What happens when it’s missing or stolen? Can the speed be adjustable?

These are just a few reasons why maybe it’s just safer to go with the old fashioned way. What are your thoughts?