Get Paid for your iPhone Photos

Snapwire: The App that can earn you cash for your photography

This weeks App find is by Chad Newell based in U.S. California, who has created an app that can earn you cash for your photos. Snapwire is a new platform where you can get paid for sharing and selling your photos to brands and businesses around the world. If you’re an inspiring photographer looking to build your portfolio, or just someone that enjoys taking fun and creative photos, this app is a great way to get paid for doing what you love best.

Get paid by submitting your photos

How it works, is that businesses who need images for their company or projects will setup a challenge with their brief and requirements. Once a request has been submitted, photographers can upload their photo’s for review and if you’re successful you’ll be awarded.

The great thing about this app, is you can see which photos have been nominated, or purchased by the company and how much you get paid for each challenge. You can also earn points, unlock levels to become a professional photographer, and start selling your photos on the Marketplace as a premium.


Snapwire is FREE

I’ve only been using this app for a month, but here’s whats great about it so far:

• Anyone can submit photos (no professional experience required)

• You can capture new images to build your portfolio or;

• Use photos already taken in your photo album

• You don’t need a professional camera

• It’s like Instagram but you can get paid for it $$$$

• The app is fairly new, which means less competition and more chance of earning!

Download Snapwire now for free, and start earning cash for your best iPhone photos.