First Streaming App to get Taylor Swift’s Album

The first streaming app with 1989 album

This weeks trending tech news reveals which music platform is ahead of the game. Since the announcement of Apple Music, the digital streaming service has been instantly compared with longtime favourites Spotify and Tidal. While there are similar features between these services, listeners will of course be comparing which artists will be available to stream before making the decision to switch.

Luckily for Taylor Swift fans this will be an easy decision. As earlier today Taylor Swift announced her album ‘1989’ will be available to stream on the new music platform; Apple Music, despite her previous complaint regarding the company’s policy not paying artists during the 3-month trial.

Taylor Swift tweeted “After the events of this week, I’ve decided to put 1989 on Apple Music…and happily so“, making Apple Music the first streaming app to get the pop-singers album!