Digital Detox, Alphabet & Emoji’s | Tech News Weekly

Tech Bytes of the Week

This week’s Tech Culture paper shared the latest headlines in technology including; how to master a digital detox, Google’s new parent company Alphabet Inc, and the rise of Emoji’s!

Here you can find the top 3 tech bytes in more detail:

Digital detox – From deleting your unused apps to spending a day without using social media. Challenge yourself on the 7 day smartphone detox.

Alphabet Inc– Monday’s announcement on Google’s new parent company has been one of the biggest news in tech this week. Find out what the future is with Google, and what Alphabet can bring to us in the future.

Emoji’s – With promotional videos being ignored and ad banners getting blocked, brands like McDonald’s, Ikea, Disney and Duracell are taking advertising to a new level by creating their own Emoji stickers to advertise their brand and products.