A Stylus with Style

Stay stylish with your stylus

Get productive with this week’s tech find by Austrian designer, Simone Rossman.

It’s not often I find myself writing notes using pen and paper anymore. With smartphones and tablets that allow you to download Apps like Evernote or Noteworthy, it’s definitely difficult to go back into the traditional ways.

Though, I recently came across this stylish 2-in-1 stylus pen for both handwriting and touch screen typing! It’s a great tech tool to use on your daily commute and during meetings for a quick sketch up or brainstorming session.

Elegant and Practical

This stylus pen is from Swarowski. The Austrian brand continues to produce elegant products with practicality, making it a great addition to carry in your handbag “filled with 100 sparkling Silver Night crystals, the tip is a ballpoint pen and the other end can be used as a stylus.” 

Simone Rossman has no doubt designed the most modern writing utensil out there to keep you on trend and in style! The stylus is easier to hold than the others out there, and I love the sleek design and colours available. Get yours today straight from the Swarovski website.